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Located on the border between Central Java and East Java, Lawu have a beautiful natural panorama. Many special interest tourists who mendakinya. This mountain is also frequently disambangi save the pilgrims as sacred objects historic. Place around the sacred Mount Lawu especially petilasan-petilasan Brawijaya Raden Raden Brawijaya such as retirement, and Cengkup (a small house in the middle there is a grave). Perhaps on the headstone is Cengkup Brawijaya Petilasan Prabu, former King of Majapahit which is well known as the Sunan Lawu. Cangkup and Raden Brawijaya hermitage is located on Hargo Dalem, the second highest peak of Mount Lawu.

In the mountains berketinggian 3265 meters above sea level (mdpl) this is indeed save many historic Majapahit kingdom, such as, Candi Ceto, which is a temple Sukuh Raden Brawijaya survival during in pelariannya.

Lawu mountain is a mountain that dikeramatkan by people around, especially people living in the mountain foot. Not surprisingly when the month-month tertenu as Syuro calendar month, and this mountain area by the many pilgrims who come mainly from the area around the foot of Mount Lawu the region Tawamangun, Karanganyar, Semarang, Madiun, Nganjuk, and so forth.

They intentionally come from far away, especially with the intent to request the safety and welfare and living in the world. Locations visited by the pilgrims, especially places that are considered sacred, such as Raden petilasan Brawijaya known by them as the Sunan Lawu. In addition Sendang Degrees, Telaga Yellow, etc.

Defection-defection besejarah become one of the witnesses that the nation's history since we first berbudaya high dilestarikan should therefore give due value on this mountain.

At the peak of Mount Lawu this, according to a story developing in the community who live in the foothills, that Raden Brawijaya Mount Lawu to flee to avoid the pursuit Demak troops led by a son named Raden Patah, and the pursuit of the troops Adipati Cepu a vengeful old to Raden Brawijaya. Raden Brawijaya reputedly died in the peak of Mount Lawu is evidenced with the Cengkup and petilasan-petilasannya atop Mount Hargo Dalem with a height of 3148 mdpl.

According to the story, after the fall of Majapahit kingdom, the kingdom of Islam that appears to develop rapidly enough, namely the Kingdom of Demak, led by a king named Raden Patah, is still the son of Raden Brawijaya. He made the kingdom into the kingdom of Demak in Java. At that time Raden Patah intends to invite his father, Raden Brawijaya embrace the religion of Islam, akan Raden Brawijaya but refused to call her son embrace the teachings of the Raden Patah.

Raden Brawijaya do not want to fight with their own children and then fled Brawijaya Raden. His father's refusal to embrace Islam make Raden Brawijaya are continually chase each Demak by troops led by Raden Patah. To avoid the pursuit troops Demak, Raden Brawijaya fled to Karanganyar area.

Raden Brawijaya here had established a temple called the Temple Sukuh, located in the Hamlet Sukuh Village Berjo Karanganyar. But also not merampungkan candinya, Raden Brawijaya hurried out by troops Demak, Demak and troop-sharer sharer Raden Patah continue mengejarnya so Raden Karanganyar Brawijaya must leave and leave a temple that has not been completed.

Raden Brawijaya then fled towards the east of the temple Sukuh. In place persembunyiannya, Raden Brawijaya mcndirikan was also a temple, but unfortunately hiding Raden Brawijaya known by the forces of Demak. Raden Brawijaya fled again to leave with a temple to the people now known as the Temple Ceto. because it has felt himself safe from pursuit forces Demak, Raden Brawijaya moment but rest akan catastrophe come again next time this is not done by the pursuit Demak troops but is done by the troops heard that Cepu Raden Brawijaya which is hostile to the King of Majapahit kingdom Cepu entrance area so that revenge no longer arise.

Cepu troops led by Adipati Cepu intend Raden Brawijaya capture dead or alive. This time Raden Brawijaya fled to the summit of Mount Lawu avoid pursuit forces Cepu but no one from the troops who succeeded in capturing Cepu Raden Brawijava who fled to the summit of Mount Lawu through the jungle.

In his hideaway in the Peak of Mount Lawu, Raden Brawijaya feel annoyed with ulah forces Cepu ago he issued to the sumpatan Adipati Cepu seems that if the contents have people from the area or from Cepu Adipati Cepu direct descendants to ascend the Mount Lawu, the fate will be death or woe in Mount Lawu. And he said that sumpatan from Raden Brawijaya this until now still tuahnya followed by people from the area, especially the descendants of Cepu Adipati Cepu who want to climb Mount Lawu, they still feel fear if melanggarnya.

Sendang Panguripan & Drajat

Places that were often the place where pilgrims than that is in the top Hargo Dalem and Hargo is Dumilah Sendang Panguripan and Sendang Drajat. Perhaps in Sendang Panguripan have supernatural power. Sendang Panguripan in this water source is often used by the pilgrims to explore life. They believe the source of water there, water was used by Raden Brawijaya when climbing Mount Lawu and until now people believe that the water used by Raden Brawijaya in Sendang Panguripan very nutritious.

Same as in Sendang Panguripan Sendang Drajat boiler is often also used by the pilgrims. Water seems to have supernatural power to heal various diseases.

Beside rich with history and mystery of the kingdom of Majapahit, also Mount Lawu akan rich variety of nature tourism as tourism object Tawangmangu with natural waterfalls Grojogan Sewu, Telaga Sarangan with beautiful danaunya so memesona, Candi Ceto and Candi Sukuh which is a temple made by Raden Brawijaya during the runaway, and no less interesting is the nature tour climb Mount Lawu.

Many of the facilities available Puncak Gunung Lawu well. To climb Mount Lawu, there are several climbing routes Cemoro such as pens, Cemoro Sewu, Ceto, and enter the region Jogorogo Ngawi East Java. But recommended for through the Cemoro Kandang. If through Cemoro Kandang take about 9 to 10 hours climbing trip, and needed time to go down about 5 to 6 hours.

If past Cemoro Kandang first we will go through several routes, such as climbing climbing Cemoro Kandang Pos, Down Taman Sari, Taman Sari Top, Parang Gupito, Pangarif cliff-ngarif, Ondorante, including the Cokro Srengenge Pos Pos IV and the last V. Post Here there is a fork, if we turn to the right toward Peak akan Hargo Dumilah which is the highest peak with a height of 3265 meter dpl, and if we are going straight to the top Hargo Dalem 3148 meter dpl.

From the peak of Mount Lawu our natural events akan disuguhi a beautiful sunrise. When you look towards the West appears to peak of Mt Merapi, Merbabu. And to see if the direction will be seen the beauty of East Peak of Mount Kelud, Butak, Mount Wilis and paintings that form the natural captivating. If you want to climb to the top of Mount Lawu should not be too busy on Monday to Friday.

Some birds can be found in the area of Mount Lawu, Bird sepcrti Anis, Perjak, Glass Eye, Bird, and scaling. Tumbuhannya Cemara among other mountains, flowers Eidelweiss, Cantigi, rubber tree forests, Beringin, Rustania, and Puspa. Eidelweiss growing interest especially in the fertile valley and the slopes of Mount Lawu, from the path between the Post and Post IV V.

Until now ecosystem plants and animals that live in the area of Mount Lawu still awake well as people who live in the foothills of Mount afraid if the forest was damaged, the authorities Lawu namely Sunan Lawu which no other is Sang Prabu Brawijaya, akan large angry.

Travel Tips

To go to Mount Lawu already available means of transportation with a good, if we go the direction of Mount Lawu Solo City we can use the bus to have sex Tawangmangu the cool air as we are in Lembang, Bandung. Ongkosnya cheap enough Rp 3500. Take about 2 hours, from the terminal entrance Tawangmangu Karanganyar kedaerah District.

Followed by the Colt Sarangan vehicles stopped in or Cemoro Kandang Cemoro Sewu with costs Rp 3,000. Entrance to the postal or climbing Cemoro Kandang Cemoro Sewu Rp 2,500 per person, including insurance Wana Arta. Or we can go the other route and Ceto but Jogorogo track longer necessary preparation so that mature, both physically and mentally.

Mount Lawu through Solo's Solo Tawangmangu to be about 60 km about 2 hours by bus. Tawangmangu-Cemorokandang about 1 hour trip to rural transportation. Cemorokandang Lawu the peak can be about 10 minutes climbing trip. If you want to upgrade should not be too busy to climb on Monday-jumat.

Perlangkapan ascent should take enough food, especially, tents, warm jacket, etc.. And ask permission to climb in the Post Cemorokandang.

Source: Magazine Travel Club
Location: Lawu, Central Java

Location Map:


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